Crafter Health Grand Opening

Crafter Health Grand Opening



Crafter Health’ s opening night at 126 Belair Road, Hawthorn was a momentous occasion, held on the 19th of December 2023. We were honoured to welcome special guests Valerie Burton and Ruth Dibben, who Dr Kyle Gault delivered in their homes over 90 years ago. Their presence added a touch of history and significance to the evening as they joined us in cutting the celebration cake.

Guests included developers Nick and Brigid Emmett, Tom and Louise Emmett, and staff from Emmett Construct who played a crucial role in the planning and  construction of our new medical centre. 

Throughout the evening, guests had the opportunity to explore our history wall, which acknowledges over 150 years of medical practice at our location, and to witness the unveiling of our new brand. It truly was a memorable and joyous occasion, symbolizing the beginning of a new chapter for Crafter Health.


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